Alter Ego

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Perline is a true masterpiece of functional art. It's not just a chair but also a toy, a meditation tool, and a sculpture that invites touch. The beads are not merely decorative; they are also an interactive element full of joy. They serve as an excellent play tool for both the youngest and the slightly older, simultaneously supporting concentration development. They help calm down and practice mindfulness techniques, focusing on the "here and now." Perline can be used in various ways - as a charming seat at a round table, a striking end chair for a rectangular table, or as a colorful addition to a child's room. The possibilities are limitless. The model belongs to the Aller Ego collection, awarded the title "Best Polish Design."

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Technical data

Height: 83 cm

Width: 60 cm

Depth: 59 cm

Seat height: 46 cm

Armrest height: 70 cm

Stackable: no

Upholstered: yes

Bent: yes

Material: beech

Weight: 5 kg

Ola Mirecka 



Ola Mirecka, is a Polish designer living in Denmark, a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (2010) and the Royal College of Art in London (2012). Unique objects and experiences are created in her studio in Aarhus, where traditional craftsmanship is intertwined with modern technology. Through practical, experimental and interactive design processes, she explored how the element of play can be an effective tool for innovation, and how the playful aspect can help solve a variety of problems. Since 2014, she has been designing products for the LEGO Group, an exciting field in which to use her creativity. In 2020 and 2021, she acted as a judge on the LEGO Masters Poland TV show, gaining recognition in the world of bricks. Her work has won numerous awards and been exhibited internationally, also being featured in numerous trade publications. Co-author of the Paged AlterEgo collection, which won the prestigious award in the Best Polish Design category of the Good Design 2024 competition. In addition, she is the designer of the PERLINE armchair, an expression of her creativity and design skills.