Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

We are a manufacturer of wooden furniture with traditions going back over 140 years. We strive to create comfort and satisfaction at home, at work and wherever you are. That is why we offer sustainable solutions, paying particular attention to protecting the environment and its resources.

Our business approach prioritises ethical values, human rights, employee safety and responsible supplier management. We are guided by the principles of environmental, social and corporate sustainability, also known as ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance). Our company strictly complies with all applicable laws, standards and regulations in the countries in which we operate.

Fundamental to our commitment to sustainability and ethical business conduct is our adherence to United Nations guidelines, the principles contained in the Code of Business Ethics and the International Labour Convention.

We care for the environment

Our furniture is made from wood sourced from responsibly managed forest resources as certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council). As a renewable resource, wood is harvested in a way that does not disturb the ecological balance. Our strong preference for certified raw material stems from our concern regarding the long-term environmental impact.

All of our furniture undergoes rigorous endurance tests, thus ensuring that its high quality is maintained over the long term. Working with outstanding designers pays off with original and timeless designs. We offer a variety of finish options, including a multitude of fabrics, to ensure that our chairs and tables will look fashionable and modern over the years.

When it comes to production, our focus is on environmental protection. We only use energy from renewable sources, such as solar farms. The transition to green energy is a significant step forward for us. We hope you will appreciate this decision when choosing our furniture for your designed interiors.

This sustainable practice is central to both the production and purpose of our furniture, which generates no negative environmental impact once it leaves the factory and during its use. This approach also ensures that the disposal of production waste does not contaminate the soil or groundwater.

When choosing materials, such as fabrics, varnishes and paints, we rely on those that are certified, which allows us to deliver furniture that meets the highest quality standards while taking care of the environment and the health of our users.

By modernising our processes and changing to a more environmentally friendly energy source, we have effectively reduced fuel consumption in our factory. We produce part of the energy ourselves using biomass from production waste. Regular inspections by external institutions confirm the effectiveness of our activities.

Initiatives introduced in the production process have also contributed to a reduction in average water consumption. We are also regularly assessed for our environmental impact. We monitor our carbon footprint and submit to audits from external companies that we work with.