About us

About us

Paged Meble designs and manufactures furniture that is as durable as the foundations on which our 140-year tradition is built: the use of wood as the finest natural material, respect for the environment and its resources, and the cultivation of precise craftsmanship that makes each of our products unique.

We have been making furniture with passion since 1881. We are heirs to the wisdom passed down from generation to generation of craftsmen and pioneers of the unique process of hand-bending wood as created by Michael Thonet. In our own research centre, Paged LabTech, we search for innovative technologies that we successfully bring to life. Our priority is to ensure the everyday comfort and enjoyment of our furniture for many years to come.

Our furniture is a harmony of beauty, functionality and durability. We draw inspiration from the classics, while constantly looking for new directions in our design. The result of this passion is cooperation with renowned designers, which brings us awards both in Poland and internationally. Our roots are in Poland, but today our furniture adorns spaces in more than 40 foreign markets. We are proud to produce in a European Union country, combining local tradition with global reach.

We have a deep respect for our natural environment and are fully committed to our sustainability goals. We monitor our carbon footprint, reduce our water consumption and only use electricity from renewable energy sources. Our commitment to the environment is underpinned by our responsible use of the forest resources from which we source our most important and natural raw material – FSC®-certified timber.

At the heart of our business is an exceptional team of professionals who work every day to ensure that you enjoy the comfort, aesthetics and durability of our furniture for many years to come. Whether you are planning to furnish your home, office, restaurant, hotel, bar or café, our range of furniture not only impresses with its design, but also fits into an ecology-minded vision of the future. Discover a variety of options that both meet your expectations and also show concern for our shared environment.

Paged Meble is part of Thumos Capital, a prestigious industrial and investing consortium. Thumos Capital is a group of gifted entrepreneurs from Europe, bringing together companies operating in various sectors such as manufacturing, services and trade, including: companies specialising in plywood and carpentry boards, advanced automation systems for internal logistics, complex HoReCa (hotel, restaurant and catering) & office equipment, solar farms and colour cosmetics.

Various companies in the wood and furniture sector operate under the Paged brand. In addition to Paged Meble, these are: Paged Morąg SA – one of the top five plywood producers in Europe, Paged Trade – specialising in the trade of wood panel products in Poland and Paged Eesti – a company producing wooden veneer sheets in Estonia. The total number of people employed by Paged companies in the wood and furniture sector exceeds 2,000, with production facilities located not only in Poland but also abroad. Thumos includes: Paged Morąg SA, Paged Eesti, Paged Trade, Paged Meble, Paged LabTech, Paged Deutschland and BUK Ltd.