We do not see the past as distant points on a timeline. It is the focal point, the centre of a circle around which we build on the legacy of our great ancestors.


Discover unique chairs, armchairs, barstools and tables that are not only superbly designed, but also the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.





How our furniture is made?

In our world of furniture, the past is intertwined with the future. Although our processes use traditional methods, you will undeniably discover an essence of innovation. Our furniture is not only a heritage of craftsmanship, but also a step forward, combining tradition with modernity.

Meet our

We work with talented artists whose creative visions are reflected in exceptional furniture designs. Discover their stories and contributions to our collection, where each piece of furniture is the result of their unique passion and talent.

since 1881

With a tradition dating back to 1881, we are one of Europe's most experienced furniture manufacturers. For more than 140 years, we have continued to increase our production capacity while maintaining an artisanal approach to quality – many details are still handcrafted with the utmost precision. Paged remains faithful to its roots: the production of bentwood furniture and respect for natural materials.