Jadwiga Husarska Sobina

An interesting, unconventional table with a wide range of applications. The Argo tabletop before extension is a circle with a diameter of 110 cm, making it perfectly suitable even for small spaces. A notable detail is the shape of the legs, which are curved at the base of the tabletop and taper downwards. Argo is a functional table. The extension leaf is stored directly under the tabletop surface, which significantly reduces the time for setting up or folding the table and prevents damage or loss of this component. The finish is also noteworthy – the wood grain is identical on both the permanent sections of the tabletop and the insert. Thus, when the table is extended, the entire surface appears uniformly visual without noticeable cuts or color differences.

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Technical data

Height: 76 cm

Depth: 110/155 cm

Material: oak

Jadwiga Husarska Sobina

Husarska Sobina


Jadwiga Husarska Sobina, a graduate and consultant at the Department of Industrial Forms at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, has gained experience in designing for companies such as FlooredMedia Co. She has worked with renowned companies, including IKEA, Nowy Styl Groupe, Paged, Total Fitness Concept and EgzoTech. It designs furniture, products in industrial terms and medical equipment. She was awarded the title “Angel of the Social Economy” by the UNDP for supporting the development of the WellDone brand. He currently runs Husarska Design Studio, with more than 65 market implementations in various business sectors. Her designs are showcased annually at major industry trade shows around the world.

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